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Erfurt & Thuringia

The roots of the State’s capital of Thuringia reach back to the times of the Thuringian kingdom in the 5th and 6th centuries.

In the year 742, Erfurt was elevated to bishopric. The town owes its wealth to the logging trade of which numerous lovingly restored buildings bear witness even today.

With its romantic and Gothic churches, impressive town houses, the imposing citadel Petersberg, the unique merchants’ bridge and the church ensemble Cathedral and Severi, the Land’s capital truly bears the hallmark of preciousness amongst German cities. At its core it is home to the largest and medievally preserved town centre of Germany.

But it is not only the layout which makes the town so attractive and worth experiencing. Lovingly decorated streets, shops, terraces, cafes and a lively scene of art and culture are evidence of a high quality of life here. Find out yourself about the charm of our beautiful city!

The central position and a modern infrastructure make Thuringia a business location of fast ways: Lorries e.g. reach any German town in less than 8 hours from here; within Europe Thuringia overlaps established markets and growing markets in Eastern Europe.

Thuringia takes great pride in harbouring an attractive mix of branches. Thuringia was and has been best renowned for its achievements in the areas of manufacturing automobiles and machinery as well as optics and medical technology. Furthermore, branches of the future are located here such as IT and communication technology, high tech services and solar technology.

Well- kept cities, a charming countryside, numerous castles, fortresses, monuments and museums, refined cultural settings, traditional to international gastronomy, shopping centres, boutiques… Thuringia has many things to offer to the holidaymaker as is proven by the ever-growing numbers of visitors and their stays overnight.

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